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A digitization project for the study of the Councils in the XXIst century

Project carried out within the PON - Programma Operativo Nazionale Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013 Pon DICET - INMOTO - ORganization of Cultural HEritage for Smart Tourism and Real-time Accessibility (OR.C.HE.S.T.R.A.). Cod. PON04a2_D

During the XXth century the knowledge of the conciliar tradition of the Churches received an unprecedented boost, highlighting how in Church History this synodal practice – that entrusts to the collegiality the solution of the most serious crises – is perhaps a stronger and more dynamic bond than those listed in 1888 during the so-called Lambeth Quadrilateral (Holy Scriptures, Nicene Creed, Baptism / Holy Communion, Apostolic Succession).
Facing a new season of the historical, philological, theological and canonical research, an effort is required to look at the unity of this very complex conciliar tradition, providing in a unique database all the acts of all the Councils of all the Churches of all times.
This heritage is both European and non-European, Eastern and Western, Byzantine - Slavic and Latin, made of dead and living languages and alphabets. The unity of this legacy was perhaps perceived by the Bishop of Lucca Gian Domenico Mansi, who in the XVIIIth century arranged an Amplissima collection, really ample for those times as well as for the following centuries.
This project aims to transform that collection into a digital version organized by pointers and metadata, thus completing the series of the Councils in a database of incalculable theological, juridical and political value.

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