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FSCIRE 2018 CALL Fscire International Fellowship

Fscire – John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies invites applications for international Fellowships. Application is open all year round.

Applicants must: – hold a doctoral degree in one of the domains pertaining to religious studies; – demonstrate fluency in English; – non-Italian citizen; – not have been found guilty of criminal offence
Teaching experience and knowledge of other modern or classic languages would be an asset.

How to apply
Applicants are invited to send their applications (written in English or Italian) to and to include:
a) proposal for a research project on the history, exegesis or theology of Christianity, its renewal and its relationships with other religions cultures;
b) full cv (including first name, last name, citizenship, place and date birth, codice fiscale/taxpayer’s code number);
c) copy of ID or passport;
d) cover letter;
e) pdf copy of a choice selection of publications for evaluation;
f) list of the publications selected in point (e;
g) official certification or self-evaluation of language skills both for modern and ancient languages (when required by the project or programme);
h) two letters of presentation.

Candidates must specify whether they are willing to request membership of the Foundation: being a Member of the Foundation does not change one’s economic status or the general obligations of belonging to a permanent research community, including participation in the life of the institute according to the opening hours of the Dossetti Library.

The status of Member offers the opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s other research programmes (including European Funded research programmes and other competitive projects), the chance to represent the Foundation on other boards or programmes, teaching opportunities in Italy and abroad and full rights in terms of the acquisition of books, obtaining facilities and travel funds. If applicant’s email service does not allow sending large files, please make use of WeTransfer. All applicants will receive a confirmation upon receipt of the files.

Evaluation process
Applications will be evaluated by a commission of 4 members of Fscire. If the Commission needs to interview the applicants, they will be notified by email. Applications from all countries are encouraged and equal opportunity policies are implemented and promoted.
Successful applicants must be confirmed by the Board of Fscire and will be notified by email within a month from the reception of the application.

Employment terms
The post-doctoral fellowship will be attributed according to the Italian laws concerning private enterprises and does not provide a contract as a dependent employee (“lavoro subordinato”).
Fellowships are regulated according to the fiscal regulations provided for by the Italian research contracts (assegni di ricerca) and amount to € 22,000 (gross, which amounts to a monthly net sum of about € 1,360).
The fellowship salaries are regulated by art. 4 L. 476/1984 (fiscal treatment), art. 2, c. 26 and ff. L. 335/1995 and following updates, DM MLPS 247/2007 (maternity leave), and art. 1, c. 788 L. 296/2006 (sick leave); where applicable, international doubletaxation agreements.

Fellowship will last one year. Successful non-EU applicants will be assisted in the procedures for the request of a visa and other permissions.
April, 18 2018 Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII Via San Vitale, 114 40125 Bologna Italia