call: alberigo school phd program in the study of religion

The Alberigo School PhD Program in the Study of Religion – a three years post graduate specialization course / download the call for application

1. The Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII is offering three posts, of which at least one with a scholarship, in the fields of the history of religions, exegesis, and theology to candidates for the three-year postgraduate specialisation course (2019-2022) at the “Giuseppe Alberigo” School for Religious Studies. The qualification obtained at the end of the course is officially recognised – upon application and in conformity with the D.M. 19/10/1998 (Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 252, 28/10/1998) – as being equivalent to a Ph.D.

2. The call is open to candidates of any nationality holding a Master’s or advanced degree – or equivalent non-Italian qualification – in fields relating to the content of the specialisation course, and obtained before 30 September 2019. Candidates less than 26 years of age as of 1 October 2018 may apply for the scholarship. The annual value of the scholarship is 15.343,28 euros, before welfare contributions and deductions as required in law.

3. The application, written on plain paper and including full personal details of the candidate – inclusive of address, tax number, and email address – must be accompanied by the following documents in a sealed envelope: a copy of the academic qualifications held; a copy of the Master’s degree thesis; and a copy of any other relevant publications; a cover letter describing the candidate’s educational curriculum and research interests; a declaration concerning any additional language skills (classical and modern); two letters of presentation signed by scholars or professors in the sector of interest.

4. The application and all the additional documents must be sent or delivered by hand to the secretariat of the Foundation (Via San Vitale 114, 40125 Bologna, Italy) by 31 July 2019. The postmark or courier service stamp will serve as proof of date of dispatch. Applicants are advised to send an electronic copy of their application form and additional 2 documents in pdf format (email address:, in addition to the paper format which must, however, reach the Foundation’s secretariat before the deadline indicated.

5. The admission to the selection procedure, following verification of the congruency of the application and enclosed documents, will be communicated by email by the School’s Coordinator by 31 August 2019. Those eligible for the selection will be asked to take part in seminars, tests, and/or interviews during the days between 9 and 13 September 2019 in the premises of the Foundation in Bologna. Each candidate admitted for the selection will benefit from an expense allowance (proof of travel and subsistence expenses) of up to 300 euros.

6. The list of suitable candidates and the award of the grant will be determined by a Commission appointed by the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, based on the academic qualifications, educational curriculum, research interests, personal skills, and fruitful participation in seminars and tests, in accordance with art. no. 3, par. no. 3 of the School’s Regulations (Regolamento dell’Alta Scuola). The results of the selection will be published on the website by 21 September 2019.

7. Admission to the Course will begin as of 1 October 2019. In accordance with the abovementioned School’s Regulations, students must attend to their studies and be involved in their research and educational activities on a full-time basis, 44 weeks a year, during the opening hours of the Institute (Mon–Fri, from 8.30am to 6.30pm). Students must also actively participate in all the internal seminars organised by the Foundation and in the Foundation’s ordinary activities, and undertake exchange and research periods abroad – which shall be arranged with the Secretary of the Foundation – at the end of the first year of the Course, and in relation to the research subject. Students will be offered travel and research facilities, along with the Foundation’s library and archives facilities.

8. Admission to the following years shall depend, for each student, on the approval of the Scientific Committee and of the Foundation’s Secretary, and is subject to regular attendance and fruitful participation in the seminars and educational activities and to progress being made in the student’s research.

9. In order to obtain the final qualification, at the end of the three-year course students will be required to sit a final examination in the form of a discussion of a written dissertation (Specialisation thesis) before the Scientific Committee.

10. All seminars and other scientific and educational activities, together with relations with students, are managed by the Director and the Coordinator of the School in accordance with the goals and programmes defined by the Scientific Committee in accordance with the Secretary of the Foundation.

11. With regard to any aspects not covered by the present call for applications, reference should be made to the School’s Regulations (Regolamento dell’Alta Scuola). The contents of the Regulations and all information concerning programmes and activities of the School are available on the website: