call for application – specialized librarian for islamic collections

The  Foundation  for  religious  studies,,  seeks  a  very  dedicated  and  very  specialized Librarian  to  join  its  staff  in  the  newly  founded  La  Pira  Library  in  Palermo,  twin  of  the  Dossetti Library  in  Bologna.  The  La  Pira  Library  will  serve  an  internal  research  staff  and  international scholars  working on  the  history  and doctrines of  Islam.  […]

reires call for proposal – scholarships for transnational access to special collections and transnational acces to archival documents

Scholarships for Transnational Access to Special Collections and Transnational Acces to Archival Documents – call for proposal pdf ReIReS (Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies) offers scholarships for researchers from the member states of the EU and from the countries associated to Horizon2020 on historical religious studies at fourteen facilities located in outstanding European research centres and universities […]

seminars fscire: reconsidering medieval church reform. words and works – 17th-18th july, bologna

SEMINARS FSCIRE | 17-18 July 2018 | h 9-18 Christopher M. Bellitto “Reconsidering Medieval Church Reform: Words and Works” The seminar lectures and Latin textual studies will explore the roots, legacy, and historiography of medieval “reformatio in capite et in membris”. Texts include Carolingian capitularies, conciliar canons, Nicolas de Clamanges’ “De ruina et reparatione ecclesie”, […]

seminari fscire: contextualizing piety movements – 14,15 maggio, bologna

SEMINARI FSCIRE 14-15 maggio 2018 – ore 9-18, via san vitale 114 Robert Launay, Contextualizing Piet Movements. Islam in West Africa and beyond.   Since the 1980s, a surge in Islamic piety, especially women and youth, has attracted the attention of scholars This seminar will examine this literature and attempt to elaborate a broader theoretical approach […]

stay tuned to the future. an international conference on the impact of research infrastructures for social sciences and humanities – bologna, 24-25 january 2018

An international Conference on the Impact of Research Infrastructures for Social Sciences and Humanities Bologna, 24-25 January 2018 There is a growing consensus that it is important to be able to assess the value of research infrastructures, not only for research, but also for the society at large. But currently there is no unified framework […]