board of trustees

The foundation (of which giuseppe dossetti and beniamo andreatta have been presidents) is now presided by valerio onida. Since the death of giuseppe alberigo, the secretary general is alberto melloni. The foundation is supported by a board of trustees appointed partly by the associazione per lo sviluppo delle scienze religiose in italia, partly by the scientific committee, partly by the rector of the university of bologna. Members are:


gabriele albonetti, already superintendent of the Camera dei Deputati, is honorable

giulio anselmi, already director of journalistic publications, is the president of Ansa.

anna maria artoni, vice-president and member of board of directors of Artoni Group S.p.A. and Artoni Trasporti S.p.A.

franco bassanini, emeritus of constitutional rights, is president of Astrid Foundation.