francesco cargnelutti

Francesco Cargnelutti
PhD Student

Current Position 

Francesco Cargnelutti in 2019 started his PhD at the “Giuseppe Alberigo” European School for Advanced Religious Studies of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose. He is based at the La Pira Library in Palermo and he works on a research on ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi (Aleppo 1855-Cairo 1902).

Education and Academic Experience

Graduated at the University of Trento in Political Sciences and International Relations. During the university, he worked as a full-time contributor for a local newspaper. In 2015, he decided to take an year-off to learn Arabic in Tunisia, where he later worked on the research for his MA thesis on the political thought of Rached Ghannushi, leader of al-Nahdha party. In the meantime, he worked as a teacher of Italian and as a freelance journalist for radio, websites and newspapers.



F. Cargnelutti, Il Profeta Muhammad, «Nuova Secondaria» 5 (2020), pp. 48-52.

Book Chapters

F. Cargnelutti, F. Badini, Gli animali nel Corano: il rapporto tra Allah, uomo e natura, in Religioni e animali, a cura di I. D’Isola, Torino, Claudiana, 2020.