marco iervese

Marco Iervese was born in Pescara in 1986, he studied at La Sapienza University in Rome, where he obtained a master’s degree in History of Civilizations and Cultures of the Modern and Contemporary Age with the thesis “Superstition”: interpretations, applications, changes (from ius canonicum to ius naturae, XVII-XVIII) with Prof. Vittorio Frajese. He obtained a diploma as Archivist at the Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archives Administration and, in 2017, gained a Phd in “History of Europe” at the Faculty of Political Science at La Sapienza University.
Here, he researched the Holy See’s diplomatic relations between WWI and WWII, writing the thesis: Holy See and Hungary: the pontifical diplomacy between the two World Wars (coordinator Prof. Alessandro Saggioro and tutor Prof. Alessandro Vagnini). He works with the periodical “Il Geopolitico. Rivista di Analisi Geopolitiche e Sociologiche” and he teaches History in the “Power of Knlowledge” e-learning projects. He collaborated with the Bulletin of the Army’s Historical Office (Bollettino dell’Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito) and curated a History course at Collegio Mazza for the academic year 2017-2018. Since October 2018, he is a post-doctoral fellow at the John XXIII Foundation for Religious Sciences where has been researching the relationship between politics and protestantism in America. Since 2019 he is teaching assistant in Contemporary history at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.