margherita picchi

Margherita Picchi
Junior Research Fellow

Current Position 

She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the “Giorgio La Pira” Library and Research Center in Palermo (Fscire), where she is conducting a research project on the development of Islamic liberation theology in South Africa.

Education and Academic Experience

She obtained her doctoral degree in Women’s and Gender History at the University of Naples “l’Orientale” in 2016, with a dissertation focusing on women’s agency in reclaiming religious discourse in contemporary Egypt. She earned her Master’s degree in Science of Languages, History and Cultures of the Mediterranean and Islamic Countries at the same university in 2011. Her research interests include: modern Islamic intellectual history, Qur’anic studies, as well as gender and queer studies in Muslim contexts.



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Book Chapters

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Edited Books

S. Qutb, M. Picchi (a cura di), La battaglia fra Islam e capitalismo, Venezia, Marcianum Press, 2016.

Dictionary Entries

M. Picchi, Zaynab al-Ghazali, in Enciclopedia delle donne, 2015,

Conference, seminars and workshop

10 December 2020, A South African Tafsir of Praxis: Gender Based Violence in Claremont Main Road Mosque’s sermons (2013-2020), IQSA Annual Virtual Meeting.

21 November 2020, History of the interpretation of the Qur’an, Seminar held within the master PluReS: Religious pluralism and historical knowledge, FSCIRE.

18 December 2019, The polysemy of Arabic and its relevance to modern Qur’anic hermeneutics, Seminar Dialogue between cultures, Accademia delle Scienze, University of Bologna/UCOII, Bologna.

14 November 2019, Aisha: Muhammad’s Beloved Wife, Lecture Casa della Cultura cultural association, Milano.

26-27 October 2019, Women and Gender in Islam: from Qur’anic Revelation to Islamic Feminism, Two-days seminar held within the master in Oriental and Intercultural Studies, ISUR, Rimini.

1-3 October 2019, Translating Feminist Theory into Arabic: the Case of the Egyptian Women and Memory Forum, 10th International Coffee Break Conference, University of Turin, Torino.

27-30 June 2019, Top and Bottoms in the Islamicate Tradition: and Exploration of Arabic Queer Terminology, 2nd CIRQUE Conference Performativity: Pasts, Presents, Futures, University of Pisa, Pisa.

15 March 2019, Women and Theology in the Islamic World: Liberation and Gender Justice in Islam, Roundtable, Istituto Sangalli per la Storia e le Culture Religiose, Firenze.

17-18 November 2018, The Qur’an and Contemporary Islamic Thought, Two-days seminar held within the master in Oriental and Intercultural Studies, ISUR, Rimini.

1 October 2018, Islamic Feminism’s Second Generation, Seminar Tradition, Circularity and Conceptual Horizons: A Conversation on Islamic Feminism Today, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Department of Political Science, Roma.