benedetto xv

On August 1st, 1917 – three years after the outbreak of WW1 – pope Benedict XV signed his famous peace note, urging the governments of the belligerent Powers to seek a diplomatic solution to their disputes and stop the «useless massacre». In order to commemorate the event and to define the «forgotten pope»’s place in the Twentieth century history, on November 3-5, 2016 Fondazione per le scienze religious Giovanni XXIII (Fscire) will host an international conference: “Benedict XV in the world of the useless massacre”, with the participation of more than a hundred historians from all over the world. The aim of the initiative, supported by the Historical and Scientific Committee for Italy’s National Anniversaries, is to shed light on the key issues of the pontificate, from Giacomo Della Chiesa’s education in the theological seminary in Genua to his heritage and memory all along the Twentieth Century. The conference proceedings (published in Italian and in English) will allow Fscire to provide a reference work that will be presented to the scientific community and to the public on the hundredth anniversary of the peace note.