seminari alta scuola – jesus and mary in the qur’an. approaches from the perspective of comparative theology

29 marzo, 14.00-18.00 – 30 marzo, 09.00-13.00
(Il seminario si terrà online)

Klaus Von Stosch (Universität Paderborn)

Jesus and Mary in the Qur’an: Approaches from the Perspective of Comparative Theology


Jesus is considered as one of the most important prophets in Islam. In the Qur’an he is called the word of God and the Messiah, and yet his position in Islam is different from his status in Christianity. Together with his mother Mary Jesus is called a sign of God and there is a very high estimation of Mary in the Qur’an. At the same time there are polemical verses against the Christian veneration of Jesus and Mary. Both figures seem to be controversial between both religions and at the same time they can help to create a new and deeper encounter between them. Klaus von Stosch co-authored a book on Jesus in the Qur’an and a book on Mary in the Qur’an with leading Muslim scholars in Germany. They used some new insights from a diachronic and surah-holistical approach to the Qur’an, they used new intertextual resources, especially from the Syriac church fathers, and they tried to read the Qur’an as a text within the historical developments of late antiquity. The results challenge our common understanding of the relationship between Islam and Christianity and can create new ways of discourse among religious believers of both religions. One way of using this kind of new dynamics is the development of comparative theology as Muslim-Christian interactive theology. The seminar will present some of the most important results of the research on Jesus and Mary in the Qur’an within the last decade. We will have a close reading of the most important Qur’anic texts within their late antique environment and see which kind of systematic conclusions are possible when we take these historical and philological investigations seriously.


Klaus von Stosch (*1971) married, five children. Professor of Systematic Theology and head of the Centre of Comparative Theology and Cultural Studies at the university of Paderborn. Areas of research: comparative theology, faith and reason, problem of evil, Christian theology responsive to Islam, esp. Christology, theology of the Trinity.


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