european academy of religion

After five days of debates and meetings in Bologna, we saw the end of “zero conference” by the European Academy of Religion, a public space of confrontation and dialogue about the multiple dimensions of religious experience involving relevant science societies, centers for study and development of knowledge, magazines and public libraries.
Jurists, historians, philosophers, philologists (between them Heinz Schilling, Dina Porat, Franco Cardini, Olivier Roy and Pierre Gisel) exchanged ideas and presented the result of their scientific work in the framework of a very dense appointment program. This experience resulted in a great success, with broad media coverage, partecipation of specialists and full involvement of the city and its public structures.
Alberto Melloni, Secretary of the Foundation for Religious Studies which acted as a host for EUARE, said: “We have been able to intercept a desire for a large scientific community to be present, even as a collecitivity, on the public scene”.
During the five-day convention the General Assembly of the European Academy of Religion was also held.
The Board and the members of the Academy approved its statute, giving a legal form to this new scientific subject, a true international network of research and studies on the topic of religious cultures.

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