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September 21, 2020
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EuARe Lectures. Third volume forthcoming

How does the powerful effect that religion has on public and personal life relate to the various spheres of our culture? Is the relationship between power and religion always negative or can religion also affect individuals and societies positively?
The forthcoming volume of the EuARe Lectures, edited by Herman Selderhuis, collects the texts of the lectures delivered at the Third Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion (2020) on the topic “The Power of Religion / Religion and Power”. Scott Appleby explores the connection, in the religious imagination, among glorifying the divine, sanctifying the mundane and exercising political and cultural power. Cyril Hovorun addresses the issue of the politicization of religion, focusing in particular on Eastern Christian cases. Susanne Schröter offers an insight into the current debate on Islam in Germany. Finally, Kristina Stoeckl analyses the complex relationship among Europe’s new religious conflicts, Russian orthodoxy, American Christian conservatives and the emergence of a European populist right-wing.

The volume will be available online in the next months. In the meanwhile, you are invited to download the first two volumes of the EuARe collection:

•  EuARe Lectures. Annual Conference 2018, edited by Francesca Cadeddu
EuARe Lectures. Annual Conference 2019, edited by Jocelyne Cesari

July 15, 2020
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EuARe Lectures. Conference proceedings

The second volume of the EuARe Lectures is out! Get your copy here!

The volume, edited by our former president, Jocelyne Cesari, collects the lectures delivered at the Second Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion (2019) on the topic “Empowering the Individual, Nurturing the Community”.

Tackling the theme from the different perspectives of their fields of study, Craig Calhoun (Arizona State University) explores the meaning of secularisation for the individual and the community, and the challenges resulting from the reorganisation of human existence on a global scale and from new technologies; Maureen Junker-Kenny (Trinity College Dublin) analyses different approaches to the relationship between individuality and sociality, and the consequences of this for people’s views of religion; Sophie Nordmann (École Pratique des Hautes Études) discusses the contribution of Jewish philosophers to political theory in the twentieth century, and how they developed their conceptions of the way in which individuals belong to social, political, and cultural communities; finally, Tim Winter (University of Cambridge) surveys foundational Islamic assumptions about human diversity and measures their intelligibility to modern positivism.

If you missed it, the first EuARe Lectures volume (edited by our Secretary General, Francesca Cadeddu) is also available for download.

June 17, 2020
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#EuARe2020 is finally here!

Starting from today, our newly created YouTube Channel will host the many videos composing our conference. On each day, you will experience a Keynote Lecture, an Alberigo Award presentation and a selection of the panels that you would have enjoyed in Bologna!

Ready your agendas, scroll the program and save some time for watching our videos and participate in the live sessions scheduled from Monday to Thursday.

The program is also available on our app Sched. If you like the idea of having the program at hand, leaving your feedback to the sessions you attend, and accessing the videos directly from the schedule, download the app and look for our event: European Academy of Religion Annual Conference 2020.

June 17, 2020
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The last weeks really have been effervescent with work and now we’re ready to launch our activities for EuARe2020 Digital Conference!

Starting from Sunday 21st, you’re welcome to join our newly created YouTube Channel, where you will find the many videos composing our conference.

On each day of the conference, you will experience a Keynote Lecture, an Alberigo Award presentation and a selection of the panels that you would have enjoyed here in Bologna! Moreover, while some presentations will consist of pre-recorded videos, we will give you the chance to participate directly to some live sessions.

A daily reminder will be sent out during conference days, so that you can keep up with the events but, to get in the mood, you can already visit the YouTube Channel to enjoy videos from our past annual conferences.

Another peculiarity of our conference has always been the publishers’ area, a focal point of contact between participants and publishing houses. Even if this years’ arrangements required some adjustments, we are proud to announce that we agreed on some features at your benefit! You can find all the details on our publishers’ page. If you are a EuARe member for 2020, you will also receive additional information about reserved opportunities. Membership for this year is still open!

A huge thank you to all the editors that agreed on this collaboration: Atla, Brepols, Brill, De Gruyter, Equinox, Il Mulino, Mohr Siebeck, Palgrave, and Routledge!

One last invitation for this year to all 2020 delegates.

On August 25th, the EuARe General Assembly will take place, closing the 2020 edition and officially starting EuARe 2021, that will take place in Münster. Up to that day, we are happy to give you the opportunity to keep sending the videos of your panels! Participants will have the chance to see them on the YouTube Channel regularly, keeping the scientific exchange lively and up-to-date also through our social media channels.

Don’t miss this great opportunity of spreading your work to our community!