online information catalogues

The Giuseppe Dossetti Library makes the following online catalogues available to scholars:

FSCIRE Opac allows users to find works they are interested in through multiple channels, searching by author, title, collocation, etc. Search commands are sent through the FSCIRE databank, which contains the bibliographic descriptions of all works present in the library and the analytical titles contained in the various works.

Topographical Catalogue allows users to set bibliographic searches starting from within the structure (conceived by Giuseppe Dossetti himself), which then communicates the location of the work in the library’s collection. The Dossetti Library is organized by subject; this means that scholars can set their research in terms of the issues and subjects that most interest them.

Paper Catalogue allows users to virtually browse the index cards of the historical catalogue, which is still accessible on the premises of the Dossetti Library.

Sebina Opac allows users to find works of interest in the library by searching the databanks of the Bologna Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale(National Library Service) . All works acquired since 2001 (the year when the Dossetti Library joined the SBN) are catalogued in this system.

Periodicals Opac allows users to find serial publications in the newspaper and periodicals library by searching in the Italian Union Catalogue of Serials (ACNP) where all periodicals kept by the Dossetti Library are catalogued.