Only the students who are 18 or over and who are either enrolled or intend to enrol to the Bologna Library System are admitted into the Library.Upon subscribing to the Giuseppe Dosetti Library, students consent the rules and regulations of both the Bologna Library System and those described herein. With this subscription, students give consent to the use of their personal data according to the 196/2003 law, acknowledge the health and safety guidelines and declare themselves aware of the emergency procedures, use of alarms and emergency exists. In addition, the students acknowledge the Library is not liable for the safekeeping of valuables of any kind within its premises and recognise the Library’s right to deny access to intruders, those who pose threat, damage or destroy the Library’s heritage and to those who violate the Library regulations.

Rules and regulations:

  1. Students must deposit their belongings such as bags and coats at the front desk and provide a proof of ID or the library card received upon registration. The library card must be visible at all times and entitles the student to a place in the reading hall and to the right to access the works in the consultation halls.

  2. Students with short term work programmes will receive a green card and may request a maximum of 5 documents at a time with a maximum of 15 per day. The requests must be made to the library front desk before 9.30, 11.30, 14.30 and 16.30, with the exception of when the personnel is available at different times. Alternatively, requests can be emailed to

  3. University lecturers, researchers, PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate students and other students who are carrying out relevant and prolonged research can request a blue card via written request to the Library director. Blue cards give free access to all the library sections with the exception of the newspapers and periodicals one.

  4. Students may store a maximum of 5 documents in a designated space for future visits. Following their final use, these must be returned to the library front desk and should not be relocated in their original position.

  5. All volumes will be periodically organised following an internal organisational schedule.

  6. All documents marked as “per sola consultazione interna” can only be used within the Dossetti Library and cannot be borrowed.

  7. Smoking and the use of mobile phones is forbidden on all Library premises including the garden.

  8. Drinks, food and animals (with the exemption of service animals) are not allowed in the Library. In addition, silence and appropriate clothing is requested.

  9. It is forbidden to leave unattended belongings on all library premises including the garden.

  10. If these rules and regulations are not followed, the library reserves the right for the immediate removal of the perpetrators from both the Library and other premises of the foundation.