the library

Founded in 1953, the library offers scholars a wealth of over 300,000 volumes and 2,300 periodicals that cover the entire breadth of religious sciences from a historical, exegetical and theological point of view.  It is open from Monday to Friday (from 8:30 to 18:30) and provides direct access to a wide selection of first consultation and source works. In 1997, it was named after Giuseppe Dossetti, who instituted and designed its catalog. The acquisition of new works is determined by Foundation researchers during weekly meetings upon close examination of reviews and bibliographic recommendations.

After withdrawing from political life, Giuseppe Dossetti dedicated himself to intellectual and spiritual research with a group of peers and colleagues. He moved his books to Bologna, in via San Vitale 114, and began the enormous work of building a specialized library that would serve to satisfy the study objectives of that research group.

And so the Centro di Documentazione (Center of Documentation) was born, and in a short time the library grew to such size and quality as to become one of a kind in Italy. It offers an international landscape of reading with a staunch vision of research. It represents the faith that conditions of free and serious investigation into history, theology, patristics, exegesis and philosophy would mean that one could sow the seeds of renewal for the Christian experience.

Over the decades, the Giuseppe Dossetti Library has become a necessary point of reference for those who wish to investigate the historical-religious sciences. It is internationally recognized as a center for research and documentation of the religious, theological, biblical, exegetical and historical disciplines:  It is frequented by scholars, researchers, graduands and graduate students, and undergraduate students from a wide variety of universities and faculties, both Italian and international.