unesco chair

The UNESCO Chair in Religious Pluralism and Peace is the first UNESCO Chair assigned to the city of Bologna. The Chair has constantly contributed to the indispensable dialogue between cultures and confessions through the formation of young researchers, with its enormous library and archive, its research, editorial, journalistic and televisual activities, in the belief that peace for future generations can be constructed through historical research and true confront. Its activities started on September 13, 2006 with the lesson given by Raimon Panikkar, one of the most important theologians of the 21st century. Fscire provides to the Chair all the logistical, organizational and scientific support. The activities of the Chair are funded by public and private funds and donations. The Chairholder is Prof. Dr. Alberto Melloni.


Interactive thematic map of UNESCO Chairs in the world

THE UNESCO CHAIRS’ WEB GIS by the UNESCO Chair at Benecon University Consortium, Italy WebGIS: geographic data and information related to all the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs worldwide. The WebGIS aims to elaborate thematic maps in order to: focus on Sustainable Development Agenda 2030; encourage international cooperation; contribute to strengthening North-South-South cooperation. The Web-GIS is available at www.benecon.it