Six years ago, the Chair started a program of lectures given by the great masters of spiritual life and leaders of a peaceful encounter between diversities. The Chair had the honor to host, among others, Father Timothy Radcliffe, General Master of the Dominican Order; Professor Ramón Panikkar, a leading theologian; Professor Yan Li Ren, member of the Academy of Sciences of Beijing; Professor Valerio Onida, former President of the Italian Supreme Constitutional Court; Roger Cardinal Etchegaray and Professor Romano Prodi, former President of the EU Commission.

Activities to Support a Historical Perspective in the Study of Religions and Cultures

Through a series of activities (a master, conferences, seminars, and the publication of essays on the history of religions), the Chair aims to support a historical perspective in the study of religions and cultures, raise awareness about the importance of interreligious and intercultural dialogue in the general public and among scholars, and foster dialogue among religions and different cultures.


The Chair encourages research in the field of religious pluralism and peace with a strong emphasis on junior fellows and it supports the research on Jewish-Christian relations in the twentieth century, on the history of voluntary martyrdom, on the hermeneutics of sacred texts, on the relations between China and Christianity, and on Islamic theology and philosophy.

Study Visits

The Chair promotes academic study visits between Bologna and China, the Arab world, the USA, Russia, Australia, Africa and Latin America. All those interested in applying are encouraged to send inquiries about the exchanges

Interreligious Dialogue

The Chair invites leading theologians and historians in the field of inter-religious dialogue to give Lectio Magistralis about the benefits of religious pluralism and the respect for diversity in order to build a peaceful society.

The Chair is part of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Network of Chairs on Interreligious Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding.

The Chair is planning an international conference with all the research centers, experts and diplomats interested in promoting religion as an instrument of dialogue and peace. The conference will offer the opportunity to sign a common commitment in order to instill in the European society a profound and reciprocal knowledge of religious texts, traditions, cults and regulations.

THE UNESCO CHAIRS’ WEB GIS by the UNESCO Chair at Benecon University Consortium, Italy WebGIS: geographic data and information related to all the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs worldwide. The WebGIS aims to elaborate thematic maps in order to: focus on Sustainable Development Agenda 2030; encourage international cooperation; contribute to strengthening North-South-South cooperation.