Junior scholars gain maturity through the exercise of research as an exclusive commitment, by listening to great masters, visiting of centers of study in the world, participating in reading seminars of the classics of historiography: each young scholar in four years should be able to produce a monograph which, inserted in a broader horizon of research, should bring a new contribution, developed in comparison with the more experienced scholars of the Institute.

The most important pillars constitute the books and journals of the Giuseppe Dossetti library, instruments for the system of research: new acquisitions are selected during a weekly reunion on the basis of the latest reviews of works, which appear on nearly 1.000 journals in subscription. Since 2005 exists the laboratory of video history which has created exhibitions and documentaries for the different cities of Italy and for the television.

The growth of these activities and relations signified that the center accomplished real projects which have marked also the most intense collaboration with academic institutions worldwide (European networks TRES and Pius XI). In 2003 the UNESCO Chair John XXIII on Religious Pluralism and Peace of the University of Bologna has been entrusted to Giuseppe Alberigo and subsequently to Alberto Melloni.