enciclopedia luterana

Over the last decade numerous scientific initiatives have been established in preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017. Their intention has been to offer a specialized and accessible contribution that would serve to tell the modern world about Luther, his reform, the responses he encountered and the legacy he produced—beginning from an understanding of his character, his path in history, doctrine, institutions, politics, art and society. The Refo500 European network and the Foundation for the Religious Sciences John XXIII intend to contribute to this anniversary with a grand publishing initiative, the Enciclopedia Luterana. The encyclopedia will collect the best that the international scientific community has to offer on Luther and the world of the Protestant Reformation. It is an ambitious work directed by multiple specialists who have operated for years in this specific field and will include a network of highly capable collaborators. It will span numerous volumes in order to give due account of the figure of Luther and the chain of thought in 16th century reform, first in continental Europe, then in America and finally throughout the world, giving life to a process of enculturation that is typical of the history of Christianity.