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EuAre Lectures. Ex Nihilo and First Annual Conference 2017-2018
Edited by Francesca Cadeddu

This volume is the first in a series whose aim is to keep track of the topics and changes which guide research, understanding and dissemination within the many disciplines involved in the study of religion in Europe. The volume collects some of the lectures delivered at the Ex Nihilo Zero Conference (2017) and the First Annual Conference (2018), while the following issues will be dedicated to one annual conference each. Authors are leading European scholars within their own field of expertise and will guide the reader through the themes which set the pace of recent scholarly debates. The heterogeneity of the topics is precisely the distinctive mark of EuARe, which supports the disciplinary and interdisciplinary creation and dissemination of knowledge in order to contribute to the construction of society and the formation of culture.



IHRA Italian Chairmanship 2018. International Conference

Edited by IHRA Italian Chairmanship 2018, Ministero dell’istruzione, dell’università e della ricerca Direzione generale per lo studente, l’integrazione e la partecipazione, Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII, 2018.

Eighty years after the Racist Laws of 1938, the need to know about the Shoah, to analyse its causes and to keep the memory of its consequences constantly alive requires today, more than ever before, immediate action. This volume collects some of the contributions to the international meeting The Racist Laws. Before and After the Shoah: Models, Practices and Heritage held in May 2018 in Rome and organized by the Italian delegation to IHRA, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), by the Fondazione per le scienze religiose in Bologna and by the Milanese Centro di documentazione ebraica contemporanea, with the collaboration of MIUR. The key idea that runs through the texts not only describes the dramatic political and legal phases in the Jews’ discrimination, exclusion and elimination but also follows the traces of these events in the following decades in order to remind the reader that education, research and remembrance are essential, incisive tools for reinforcing the prevention of any form of discrimination and racism.

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