the history of vatican II

“The History of Vatican II” is a series of five volumes published by Il Mulino in collaboration with Peeters Publishers of Leuven. The project was directed by Giuseppe Alberigo from 1988 to 2007. The series is published in seven languages, edited in French by Etienne Fouilloux, in English by Joseph Komonchak, in Italian by Alberto Melloni, in Russian by Andrej Bodrov, in Portuguese by José Oscar Beozzo, in Spanish by Evangelista Vilanova and Hilari Raguer, in German by Claus Wittstadt and Günther Wassilowski. The books were presented to John Paul II when the first and the last one have been published. The publication of each volume was accompanied by hundred of reviews appeared on periodicals published worldwide.

A new edition of the “History of Vatican II” was inaugurated in September 2012 with the publication, always for the types Peeters / Il Mulino, of the first two volumes. The new edition is enriched by the introduction of Alberto Melloni, which portrays the story of that History of the council and of its reception, and by an array of images selected by Federico Ruozzi, which is offered as a little “photographic atlas” which helps to a better comprehension, even visually, of the dynamics of that “turning point” that John XXIII had dreamed of as a “new Pentecost” for the universal Church. The publication of the third and fourth volumes were in march 2013, while the closure of the work was by the end of 2014.