Besides being a training and service to the research, the Foundation has always been a haven for research experiences for themselves and yet distinct from those found in San Vitale 114 a suitable environment to a rigorous intellectual work.

Italian guests were at times: at first Fr. Vagaggini, then for a long time, Giorgio Prodi, renowned physician and essayist, and Msgr. Enzo Lodi, more recently Loris Zanatta, engaged in studies of church and society in Latin America.

The presence of European and North American scholars was the result of a series of collaborations: in addition to the great scholars already mentioned above (as Jean Leclercq, Jacques Dupont, Georg Kretschmar, Jean-Marie Tillard, and others) and members of the Scientific Committee, Eddy Louchez of the religious history of Louvain-la-Neuve, Joseph F. Famerée now among the editors of the Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique, Andrei Zubov now professor at Moscow University, the University of Smyrna Bekir Coban, Anders Jacobsen, University of Aarhus, Joachim Stieber of Smith College.

Thanks to Dominique de Menil exchanges with Latin America and Africa were established in the eighties. From Brazil came Luiz Carlos Luz Marques, editor of the letters from the council of Helder Camara, Jose Oscar Beozzo; Mabel Salgado studied the archives of Pius XI. From Argentina, Isabel Mendez Romano and other colleagues. From the Philippines Luis A. Tagle, now bishop and member of the International Theological Commission. From India Paul Pulikkan Professor at Calcutta. We have maintained contact with the Universities of Beijing and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, From Sophia University of Tokyo Joseph O’Leary came to study and from Australia Peter Howard and Max Vodola.

In the long run is part of a collaboration with members of the Institute of the journal Concilium (Alberigo at first, then Ruggieri, Melloni and Unleash hours) and the Académie internationale des sciences Religieuses based in Brusselswhose Secretary is Jean-Marie Van Cangh (Ruggieri and Melloni are membersi).