Angelo Salizzoni suggested the building complex in via San Vitale 114 to Giuseppe Dossetti as adequate for a centre of documentation and which has since become the current location of Foundation. The buildings once hosted the ancient hospital of Saint Gregory of the Incurables, then hospital of the Poveri Vergognosi connected to the church of Saint Mary of Pity within the historic walls of Bologna.

The complex of San Vitale was for many decades a religious foundation, which coexisted with the library and the Institute. In the first anniversary of the death of Dossetti an agreement was announced between the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, the Regione Emilia-Romagna, the Mayor of Bologna and the Foundation. The entire building was acquired by Bologna University and leased for free for fifty years to the Foundation. In 2003 the building was restored by the region and the university, and thanks to a donation in 2007 works have begun for a residence complex at via San Vitale 116, which will host scholars from all around the world.

Currently at via San Vitale 114, one may find a library of 2100 square meters with 5323 m of shelves, as well as journals which occupy 900 square meters with 2759 metres of compact shelves. The areas for seminars and offices occupy 320 square meters and 330 square meters will be devoted to the residence unit.

In Milan at piazza Duomo 2, were the Committee for the Edition of the Diaries of Pope John XXIII and the Committee of Pope Pius XII.