adnane mokrani

Adnane Mokrani
Senior Research

Current position 

Senior Research Fellow and member of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose (FSCIRE) at the Giorgio La Pira Library and Research Center on the History and Doctrines of Islam, Palermo. His fields of research are the classical and modern Islamic theologies of religions. He is interested in the Qur’anic studies, in particular the methodological dialogue with biblical studies, such as Semitic rhetorical analysis and narrative analysis. All these fields of research represent the heart of the Islamic reform debate and have concrete implications on socio-political levels.

Education and Academic Experience

Aggregate professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome since 2005. Former associate professor at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) in Rome (2009-2020). Member of the Scientific Council for the Promotion of “Charter of Values of Citizenship and Integration”, created by Giuliano Amato at the Italian Ministry of Domestic Affairs (2006-2008). He holds a license in Islamic theology and comparative religions from the Emir Abdelkader University for Islamic Sciences, in Constantine, Algeria, (1989). He obtained his doctorate in the same discipline from al-Zaytuna University, Faculty of Islamic Theology, Tunis (1997)

He received his doctorate in Islamic studies and Muslim-Christian relations from PISAI in 2005. He attended several pontifical universities such as the Pontifical University of S. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) and the Pontifical Lateran University.



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