alessia passarelli

Alessia Passarelli
Junior Research Fellow

Current Position 

Since June 2019 she is research fellow at the Fondazione per le scienze religiose (Fscire) in Bologna working on the “Atlas on Religious or Belief Minorities. Rights and Claims”.

Education and Academic Experience

From 2017 until 2018 she worked for the Observatory for Religious Pluralism – GRISS (project funded by Emilia-Romagna Region in cooperation with Bologna University) researching Protestant Churches in the Region.

In October 2008 she started her doctoral studies at the Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin on a research project on “Theories and practices of integration among Protestant churches in Ireland and Italy” (supervised by Dr. Ronit Lentin and Prof. Daniel Faas). She was awarded a postgraduate scholarship by the Irish Research Council. While at Trinity she was member of the Institute for Integration and Intercultural Studies (IIIS) and she also continued to work as consultant on other research project. She was the teaching assistance in European Societies and Introduction to Sociology (undergraduate courses). She submitted her thesis in April 2014 and successfully defended in September 2014.

Alessia Passarelli (born in 1979) graduated cum laude at Rome University “La Sapienza” in Cultural Anthropology researching Romanian Roma people in Rome (2004). From 2005 until 2008 she worked for the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) as project and research assistant on migration, integration and role of religion for migrants.



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Book Chapters

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Edited Volumes

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