mohammed hashas

 Hashas 1 ZMO Berlin April 2017 Mohammed  Hashas
Senior Research Fellow

Current Position

Mohammed Hashas is Fscire Senior Research Fellow at La Pira Library and Research Center on the History and Doctrines of Islam in Palermo. His research areas are modern and contemporary Arab-Islamic thought, European Islamic thought, and contemporary Moroccan thought.

Education and Academic Experience

He is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Political Science of LUISS University of Rome, from which he holds a PhD in Political Theory on European Islam (with honours “excellent”, 2013).

Hashas was previously a Research Fellow at 1) Babylon Center for the Study of the Multicultural Society in Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2) the Center for European Islamic Thought at the University of Copenhagen, 3) Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, of the University of Oxford, and 4) Leibniz-ZMO Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin.



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Book Chapters

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Edited Volumes

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Conferences, seminars and workshop

05/11/20. Webinar Presentation: L’idea dell’islam europeo: narrative, discorsi e sfide, within the project of “Combating the structural drivers of anti-Muslim Hatred and Intolerance,” organized by Ponte Per and the University of Calabria, Dept. of Political Sciences, Calabria, Italy. (Online, for Covid-19)

05/11/20. Webinar Presentation: Islam in Europa, Islamofobia, Islam Europeo, organized by Ponte Per and the University of Cagliari, Dept. of Political Sciences, Cagliari, Italy. (Online, for Covid-19)

28/10/20. Webinar/Book Discussion: Islamic Ethics and the Trusteeship Paradigm (Brill 2020), organized by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) in Jordan, Amman. (Online, for Covid-19)

1-2/07/20. Conference Introduction (and scientific coordination), “Constitutional Challenges in the Arab World: A Reflective Introduction,” for the 3rd edition of Reset DOC Seminars in North Africa: “Tolerance: Legal and Constitutional Perspectives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic,” organized by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (Milan), Reset Dialogues US, in collaboration with the Tunisian Academy for Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit al-Hikma” in Carthage, Tunisia. (Held online because of Covid-19 pandemic).

04/12/19. Invited. Paper presentation: “Intellectual and Political Islam in the Mediterranean,” for “Perspectives on the New Centrality of the Mediterranean,” at LUISS University of Rome, in collaboration between MISLAM and CRiSSMA Center of Research on the Southern System and the Wider Mediterranean of the Università Cattolica del S. Cuore (Milano).

23/11/19. Invited. Presentation. “European Islamic Identity.” For the first edition of EULEMA Forum on European Islamic Thought, organized by COREIS Italiana, KAICIID-Vienna, in partnership with the Municipality of Palermo, and the auspices of Deputy of SG of Council of Europe. At Palazzo delle Aquile, Palermo.

08-09/10/19. Invited. Opening Keynote. “Challenges and Opportunities for Muslim Religious Leadership in Europe and North America,” for “From CopyPaste to Domestic Training? Muslim Religious Leadership in Europe and North America,” organized by AIWG (Akademie für Islam in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft/ The Academy for Islam in Research and Society), and Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Berlin.

26/10/19. Invited. To give seminars (5 hours) on “”Ethics in European Islamic thought”/ L’etica nel pensiero islamico europeo,” in the programme PRIMED Prevenzione e interazione nello spazio Trans-Mediterraneo, Università degli Studi di Padova.

30/09/19. Invited. To give Open Seminar/Lecture: “European Islam: Emerging Geotheologies and the Plurality of Authorities,” Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo.

10-13/07/19. Conference Introduction (and scientific coordination), “On Tolerance in the Mediterranean,” for Casablanca Seminars 2nd edition, “Tolerance in Mediterranean Societies: History, Ideas, and Institutions,” Reset Doc and King Abdul Aziz Foundation, Casablanca.