nikos kouremenos

Nikos Kouremenos
Junior Research Fellow

Current Position 

He is currently Junior Postdoctoral fellow at the Fondazione per le scienze religiose (FSCIRE) in Bologna and member of the scientific committee of the Volos Academy of Theological Studies (Volos, Greece). 

Since November 2018, he holds a junior post-doc researcher post at the FSCIRE working on a project concerning the relation between the Greek Orthodox Theology and the Ecumenical Movement in the first half of the 20th century. 

Education and Academic Experience

Nikos Kouremenos studied Theology at the Department of Theology of the Theological School at the University of Athens (NKUA) and received his Master’s degree in Church History from the same Department. He then completed his PhD studies at the Pontifical Institute for Oriental Studies (PIO) in Rome, where he specialised in Ancient Oriental Languages, in particular in Coptic Language and Literature. He has also been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ) and the Research Center for the Study of Humanities (RCH) in Athens.

He taught graduate and postgraduate courses at the Department of Theology at the University of Athens. His research interests focus on the historical course of Christianity in the Mediterranean world and the engaging of the contemporary orthodox theology with the ecumenical movement as well. He has participated in numerous conferences both in Greece and abroad, while his studies have been published in various international series and journals. He speaks English, French, Italian and German and knows Coptic and Syriac. 



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N. Kouremenos, The Theological Dialogue between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches: Common Faith Formulated in Different Terms, «Anthivola» 3 (2018), pp. 321-332 (in greek).

Book Chapters

N. Kouremenos, Introduction: Byzantine, National and Ecumenical Orthodoxy, in Nationalism and Ecumenical Orthodoxy, ed. by D. Keramidas, N. Kouremenos, Thessaloniki, Stamoulis Publications 2021, pp. 9-20.

N. Kouremenos, Some Remarks on the Reception of the Song of Songs in Coptic Literature, in The Song of Songs in Jewish and Christian Literature, Symposium in Athens 19.10.2016, ed. by S. Despotis, K. Kefalea, Athens, 2018, pp. 61-73. 

N. Kouremenos, L’insegnamento di Matta el Meskin alla luce della spiritualità ortodossa greca, in a cura di G. Dotti, M. el Makari, Matta el Meskin: Un padre del deserto contemporaneo, Bose, Qiqajon, 2017, pp. 275-281.

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