Adday Hernández López

International fellow


Reaserch interests

Islamic law in the pre-modern Islamic West (economic legal doctrines and practices; religious minorities); intellectual history (literary production and circulation of books, scholars, and ideas); Arabic literature of the Horn of Africa.

Education and academic experience

Adday Hernández López is postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean CSIC (ILC), in Madrid.
She is the vice-director of the journal «Hesperia: Culturas del Mediterráneo» and member of the Editorial Committee of the journal «Les Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen».
01.02.2015-31.12.2018. Research associate in the project funded by the European Research Council (Advanced Grant no. 322849) Islam in the Horn of Africa. A comparative literary approach (IslHornAfr). PI: Alessandro Gori. Islam in the Horn of Africa: Team and Contact (http://islhornafr.eu/).
28.04.2014-30.01.2015. Hired researcher in the CSIC project Manuscritos fechados en al-Andalus. Repertorio y análisis.
01.01.2010-28.01.2015. Collaborator in the project funded by the European Research Council (Advanced Grant no. 229703) Knowledge, Heresy and political Culture in the Islamic West (8th-15th centuries) (KOHEPOCU). PI: Maribel Fierro. Members (http://kohepocu.cchs.csic.es/).
She graduated in 2008 in Arabic Philology with English as a second language and in 2014 she received a European PhD from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in the Arabic and Andalusi studies program, with a thesis on the Islamic legal doctrine on usury (La usura (RIBA) en el occidente islámico medieval a través de las fuentes jurídicas), supervised by Maribel Fierro (CSIC) and Juan Martos (UCM). Since then, she has contributed to three research projects, two of them funded by Advanced grants of the European Research Council, and one of them by the CSIC.

Featured publications


A. Hernández López, Dealing with corruption in Naṣrid Granada. Abū Isḥāq al-Shāṭibī (d. 790/1388) Muʿāmalāt man istaghraqa fī dhimmatihi al-ḥarām, Leiden, Brill, forthcoming.

A. Hernández López, El Kitāb al-ribā (libro de la usura) de ʻAbd al-Malik b. Ḥabīb (m. 238/852). La doctrina legal temprana sobre la usura, Madrid, CSIC, 2017.

A. Hernández López, El valor del tiempo: Doctrina jurídica sobre la usura (ribā) y prácticas usurarias en el occidente islámico medieval, Helsinki, Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 2016.


A. Hernández López, Los cambistas en la Córdoba Emiral y Califal: La doctrina de ʻAbd al-Malik b. Ḥabīb sobre la usura y su aplicación en el zoco por Ibn ʻAbd al-Ra’ūf, «Intus-Legere», La península ibérica entre la Antigüedad Tardía y la Alta Edad Media (siglos VI-XI), forthcoming.

A. Hernández López, La usura (ribā) en al-Andalus, «Al-Andalus y la Historia» 16 October 2020, https://www.alandalusylahistoria.com/?p=2331

A. Hernández López, Zawāl al-taraḥ: Un comentario al poema de Ibn Faraḥ al-Išbīlī (m. 699/1300) en un manuscrito etíope del siglo XIX, «Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos-sección árabe» 68 (2019), pp. 153-173, https://digital.csic.es/bitstream/10261/175032/1/Adday-MEAH.pdf

A. Hernández López, Transfer of knowledge in Twentieth-Century Muslim Ethiopia: The Library of al-Šayh al-Haǧǧ Ḥabīb from Wällo, «Aethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies» 20, 1 (2017), pp. 106-128, https://journals.sub.uni-hamburg.de/aethiopica/article/view/1009/1057

A. Hernández López, The Ajamization of Islam in Ethiopia through esoteric textual manifestations in two collections of Ethiopian Arabic manuscripts, «Islamic Africa» 8, 1-2 (2017), pp. 171-192.

A. Hernández López, Qur’anic studies in al-Andalus: An overview on the state of research on qirā'āt and tafsīr, «Journal of Qur’anic Studies» 19, 3 (2017), pp. 74-102.

A. Hernández López, Andalusi Vestiges in the Ethiopian Islamic Literary Tradition, «Annual Review of Islam in Africa» 12, 13 (2015-2016), pp. 10-19.

Volumes edited

A. Gori, A. Hernández López, I. Perho (eds), The Arabic Writings of the Muslim Peoples of Northeastern Africa II (A supplement to the volume 3a of the series Arabic Literature of Africa), Leiden, Brill, forthcoming.

Chapters in books

A. Hernández López, Mobility among the Andalusi qudat: Social advancement and spatial isplacement in a professional context, in Professional Mobility in Pre-Modern Islamic Societies: From Delhi to Granada, eds. M. El Merheb, M. Berriah, Leiden, Brill, forthcoming.

A. Hernández López, The traces of the Medieval Islamic West in Modern Eastern Africa, in The Maghrib in the Mashriq, eds. M. Fierro, M. Penelas, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2021, forthcoming.

A. Hernández López, La compraventa de vino entre musulmanes y cristianos dimmíes a través de textos jurídicos malikíes del Occidente islámico medieval, in The Legal Status of Dhimmis in the Islamic West (Second/Eigth-Ninth/ Fifteenth centuries, eds. M. Fierro, J.V. Tolan, Turnhout, Brepols, 2013, pp. 243-274.

A. Hernández López, La imagen del otro. La visión de cristianos y musulmanes respecto al judío y la usura en el s. XII”, in Fronteras en discusión: La península Ibérica en el siglo XII, eds. J. Martos Quesada, M. Bueno Sánchez, Madrid, Almudayna, 2012, pp. 133-142.

A. Hernández López, Una aproximación a las prácticas usurarias en las ciudades andalusíes, in Escenarios Urbanos de Al-Andalus y el Occidente musulmán (Vélez-Málaga, 16-18 de junio de 2010), Málaga, Iniciativa urbana “De toda la villa”, 2011, pp. 369-385.

A. Hernández López, Razón, religión y filosofía en al-Andalus. Discusiones teológicas de Ibn Hazm y Yahiz, in Razón y religión en las dos orillas: encuentro hispano-marroquí de filosofía, ed. J. Martos Quesada, Madrid, G. Martín, 2007, pp. 124-160.

Conferences, seminars and workshops

29 October 2020, A Late Manuscript, an Old Debate: A Juridical Question of Abū Isḥāq al-Shāṭibī (d. 1388) about Economy, Society and Political Authority in the Premodern Islamic West, Columbia University seminar on Religion and Writing, Religion and Writing, The University Seminars.

24-25 October 2019, Islamic Law in Ethiopia: an analysis of the Islamic Legal texts found in Arabic manuscripts from the Horn of Africa, Conference Around the El Escorial library. A meeting point between specialists of Islamic manuscripts, Collège de France, Paris.

2-5 October 2019, Andalusi in the East. Spatial mobility as a mechanism of knowledge transmission, 26th International DAVO Congress and 2nd Session of the Section for Islamic Studies of the DMG, Asien-Africa-Institute of Hamburg, Hamburg.

8-11 July 2019, Mobility and exchange between al-Andalus and the Maghreb: the Andalusi jurists during the Almoravid and the Almohad periods, Conference Movement and Mobility in the Medieval Mediterranean (6th- 15th Centuries), Society for the Medieval Mediterranean (SMM), Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), Barcelona.

20-21June 2019, A long journey: Andalusi legal texts in Ethiopian manuscripts of the 19th and 20th centuries, Conference The Study of Written Artefacts in Spain, The MEDhis Consortium, Hamburg.

20-21 March 2019, Professional mobility in the Islamic West: The case of the Andalusi ‘ulama’, International Workshop, Professional mobility in the Islamic Lands, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

20-21 December 2018: The Traces of the Medieval Islamic West in Modern Eastern Africa, Conference The Maghrib in the Mashriq, CSIC, Madrid.

13 December 2018: Research outputs of IslHornAfr: Andalusi and Maghrebi heritage in the Horn of Africa, Workshop Five years on the literary tradition of the Muslims of the Horn of Africa: achievements and further perspectives, University of Copenhagen-European Research Council, Copenhagen.

8-9 October 2018: The treasure hunt: Fieldwork in the Horn of Africa, Workshop Transnational Custodianship of Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.