Banjaran Surya Indrastomo

International fellow

Research interests

Usury and interest practices in Catholicism and Islam and developing languages of engagement and a network of research on a similar interest.

Education and academic experience

University of Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Lecturer at Islamic Economic Program.
Bank Indonesia Research Project on Digital Payment and Financial Stability, Member of Research Team, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan Project on Equivalent Rate for Shari’ah Bank Member of Research Team, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2019. Durham University, PhD in Islamic Finance (Thesis entitled Political Economy of the Emergence of Islamic Finance in Indonesia: A Grounded Theory Approach to Negotiating the Institutionalisation of Islamic Finance in Indonesia). Funded by Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education for PhD Degree.
2014. Durham University Durham, UK, M.A. in Islamic Finance (2:1) January 2014 (Dissertation entitled Demand and Supply Condition of Islamic Account Holder in Indonesia) Awarded best dissertation for Master of Arts in Islamic Finance.
Australian National University, B. Fin. in Corporate Finance and Investment Management (2:1).

Featured publications


B.S. Indrastomo, Strategi dan Positioning Bank Syariah Indonesia Menjadi Bank Syariah Berorientasi Global, «Investor Daily» 16 December 2020,

B.S. Indrastomo, Merger Bank BUMN Syariah: Apa Saja yang Perlu Diperhatikan? [State-owned Shari’ah Bank Merer: What should be observed?], «Investor Daily» 27 November 2020,

B.S. Indrastomo, Menjaga Momentum Ekonomi Syariah: Stimulus Inorganik Melalui Merger [Sustaining Momentum for Shari’ah Economic: Inorganic Stimulus Through Merger], «Investor Daily» 24 September 2020,

B.S. Indrastomo, Energi Ekonomi Syariah [Shari’ah Economy Energy], «Bisnis Indonesia» 14 August  2020,

B.S. Indrastomo, Indonesia Islamic Economic Project: A Disruptive Initiative for a more Just, Inclusive, and Impactful Finance, «The World Financial Review» 20 November 2017,

B.S. Indrastomo, The Emergence of Islamic Economic Movement in Indonesia: A Political Economy Approach, «Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies» 9 (2016), pp. 63-78.

Conferences, seminars and workshops

3 September 2020, Ekonomi Syariah, Energi Baru Untuk Indonesia [Shari’ah Economic, New Energy for Indonesia], on Zooming with Primus, Berita Satu.

8 December 2020, Investasi Syariah 2021 [Shari’ah Investment in 2021, Creative Money, Berita Satu.

22 January 2021, Shari’ah Economic Outlook 2021, Webinar arranged by Project Management Office (PMO) of PT. Bank Syariah Indonesia.

24-25 September 2019, Intergenerational Dynamic on Islamic Economic Movement and its Impact to Emergence and Evolution of Islamic Finance in Indonesia, 13th Kyoto-Durham International Workshop in Islamic Economics and Finance, New Horizon in Islamic Economics and Finance & International Workshop on New Waves of Political, economics, and social movement in Middle East and Asia, Kyoto University, Japan. Awarded Best Performance Award: Gold Medal at 13th Durham-Kyoto Workshop.

27-29 June 2019, Re-embedding the Nature and the Process in Observing Islamic Finance Institutional Emergence: A Theoretical Attempt to Investigate the Political Economy of the Emergence of Islamic Finance in Indonesia, 31st SASE Annual Conference, Emergence and Change in Evaluating the Origin and Trajectory of Theory and Practice, SASE Research Network ‘R’: Islamic Moral Economy and Finance, New School of Social Research, New York.