Pacem in terris

This is a historical video on Pope John’s encyclical. The main spin-off of research on Vatican II in collaboration with Teche Rai and sponsored by the Province of Bologna, it was produced in the summer of 2008 by Alberto Melloni, Fabio Nardelli and Federico Ruozzi. By editing the precious Rai sources of the time, supported by the testimonies and interpretations of historians, theologians and journalists, the climate, the protagonists, the events and the consequences of the encyclical for peace are reconstructed. Card. Achille Silvestrini, the journalist Raniero La Valle, the theologian Giuseppe Ruggieri, professors Pier Cesare Bori and Daniele Menozzi and the historian Angelina Alberigo all participated in its creation. A boxed set of Pacem in Terris was produced with a DVD and poster of the encyclical, and was distributed in Italian schools.