7. pius xi: keywords


Alberto Guasco, Raffaella Perin, Pius XI: Keywords, Lit Verlag, Münster, 2010, pp. 440, euro 34,90, isbn 978-3-643-90027-2

The documents of Pius XI’s pontificate from the Vatican Secret Archives, recently accessible for the first time, establish new perspectives of research and analysis. International experts and junior specialists discuss here the Roman point of view concerning the most important issues in the international scene between the two world wars and offer new outlooks and interpretations marking a substantial step forward in research. Alberto Guasco, a researcher at the John XXIII Foundation for Religious Studies, focuses on the pontificate of Pius XI, especially the relations between the Holy See and the Fascist Regime. Raffaella Perin, a researcher at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, studies the relation between the anti-Protestant and anti-Semitic prejudice in the pontificates of Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI.