Bologna Studies in Religious History

Bologna Studies in Religious History aims at supporting and disseminating research conducted by Italian and International scholars on the History and doctrines of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and religious scholarship in its broader spectrum. The main asset being a historical approach with a historiographical angle, the peer-reviewed series includes analyses both with diachronic and synchronic perspectives, from ancient to modern times, without geographical or temporal limitations. The series is connected to FSCIRE, a research institution in Religious Studies, whose activities, projects, publications focus on History, Theology, Exegesis and Philology. Since 1952, FSCIRE built its research lines on the Dossetti Library which is one of the biggest libraries on history of Christianity in Europe. In 2017 the La Pira Library on History and Doctrines of Islam was founded as its new branch, enlarging FSCIRE research horizons.

Editor-in-chief: Alberto Melloni