IF20 – Thematic Sessions
Palazzo Re Enzo, Sala degli Atti, Piazza Nettuno, 1, 40124, Bologna

Gender Equality: Religious Denial and Religious Support

Thematic Session 12

Susanna Mancini, Full Professor of Comparative Law at the School of Law, University of Bologna

Bani Dugal, Principal Representative of the Baha’i International Community (BIC)
Lidia Maggi, Baptist Minister, Dumenza, Varese
Francesco Biagi, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna
Liya Makhmutova, President of the Baltic Muslim Women’s Union
Nayla Tabbara, President of Adyan Foundation
Yujie Wang, Vice-director of the School of Philosophy of the Renmin University of China

Jean Duff, President of PARD (Partnership for Faith and Development)

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, Founding Director of the Liechtenstein Institute, Princeton University