Quaderni di storia religiosa medievale

Founded by Giuseppina De Sandre Gasparini, Giovanni Grado Merlo and Antonio Rigon under the name Quaderni di storia religiosa (Notebooks on Religious History), the journal has begun a new series in collaboration with the Fondazione per le scienze religiose in Bologna. It remains faithful to a monographic approach and deals with themes of religious history which are innovative or stimulated by historiographical debate, but always read and interpreted through original analyses of sources that testify to the lived experiences of individuals or groups in well-defined spatial, institutional and chronological contexts. A prevailing focus on the medieval period is combined with opening comparative approaches in a perspective not limited to pre-established eras and areas. The contributions come from scholars, from both Italy and abroad, who are united in their intent to provide positive elements for the advancement of historical knowledge, in content just as much as in methods of investigation and exegetical perspectives.
The journal can be found in: ATLA Religion Database, ERIH Plus, Catalogo Italino dei Periodici (ACNP), Google Scholar, Primo Central (Ex Libris), EDS (EBSCO).


Andrea Tilatti

Deputy director
Maria Clara Rossi

Steering Secretary
Federico Ruozzi

Steering committee
Gianmarco Braghi, Donato Gallo, Blanca Garí de Aguilera, Atria Larson, Alfredo Lucioni, Raimondo Michetti, Jürgen Miethke, Michele Pellegrini, Maria Clara Rossi, Andrea Tilatti.

Scientific collaborators
Maria Pia Alberzoni, Frances Andrews, Marina Benedetti, Daniel Bornstein, Maria Teresa Brolis, Cécile Caby, Gregoria Cavero Domìnguez, Maria Teresa Dolso, Edoardo Ferrarini, Laura Gaffuri, Isabella Gagliardi, Amalia Galdi, Letizia Pellegrini, Daniela Rando, Eleonora Rava, Laura Righi, Francesca Tinti, Gian Maria Varanini, André Vauchez, Ludovic Viallet.

Scientific Committee of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose
Fernanda Alfieri, Eberhard Bons, Christophe Chalamet, Manuela Consonni, Rowan Dorin, Hyacinthe Destivelle, Alba Fedeli, Frédéric Gugelot, Atria Larson, Alberto Melloni, Susanna Mancini, Christoph Markschies, Renato Moro, Nora K. Schmid, Devin Stewart, Kirsi Stjerna, Christoph Theobald, Roberto Tottoli.

Editorial staff
Stefania De Nardis, Giulia Giannoni.

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