In Diem

Since 2019 FSCIRE has been publishing In Diem, a magazine with all the news of the activities, update on events, libraries, research projects and editorial news.

As of today, the commitment to research hidden behind fscire’s over-consonanted acronym can also boast a magazine – not an act of vanity, but rather, the material realisation of exactly the opposite. We do not belong to that quota of research activities justifiably “granted” by the public authorities: each time, on a case-by-case basis, project by project, research grant by research grant, we seek out and find the money needed through competition, persuasion, and negotiation. To buy books and magazine subscriptions, to pay for scholarships, to publish our research, and to keep things in order we have to say what we will do and what we have done, and why, and how. And this openly and loyally, with the humility of those who know that they have no right to demand, but hope that their passion for knowledge is persuasive and convincing (also with regard to an unfortunate acronym, if necessary).