Giuseppe Alberigo European School

A specialization course open to young people of any nationality who have obtained a Master’s or advanced degree in disciplinary areas in line with the objectives of the Alberigo School and have specific curricular and linguistic skills.

The aim of the Giuseppe Alberigo European School for Advanced Religious Studies is the research training of young scholars in the historical-religious, exegetical and theological disciplines. The course lasts at least three years and is based on the work of study and research that the students carry out in constant dialogue with the scholars of FSCIRE and with renowned representatives of international research. At the end of the course, a Diploma di perfezionamento scientifico in Scienze religiose is awarded, which since 1998 is equivalent to the PhD title issued by Italian universities.
During the three-year course, students live a residential and full-time study experience, they are dedicated to the scientific, formative and seminar activities of the School and actively participate in FSCIRE’s cultural projects. They also have the opportunity to access exchange and training programs with Italian or foreign universities and research institutes.