The Giuseppe Alberigo European School for Advanced Religious Studies furthers the education of young Italian and foreign scholars by providing them with research experience in the fields of historical-religious, exegetical and theological disciplines. Through public competition places and scholarships, the School periodically offers three-year courses for specialization in religious sciences, at the end of which a diploma equivalent to the title of doctorate is awarded. With similar periodicity, annual or two-year scholarships for post-doctoral research activities are also offered to young people of all nationalities.
The secretary of FSCIRE, the scientific committee and the coordinator of the school verify the progress of the research in progress, assign Italian and foreign tutors to the students and scholarship holders, organize activities on the critical reading of the twentieth-century classics of religious sciences (the cycle includes Von Rad, Jeremias, Dupont, Childs, Sanders, Kelly, Momigliano, Grillmeier, Grabmann, Dvornik, Tierney, Ullmann, Miccoli, Alberigo, Jedin, Cantimori, Aubert, Chenu, Poulat, Congar, Fouilloux, Langlois).
The activity of the school, under the direction of Susanna Mancini, is coordinated by Gianmarco Braghi and corresponds to the most rigorous standards of quality in terms of admission procedures, published theses and organized seminars: the aim is to reach in a four-year period a formal evaluation of the activity and of the programming by the scientific committee. In the near future, the current School will be transformed into a European consortium bringing together the School and some European universities or research centers in order to promote stable forms of scientific synergy and an even more intense circulation of ideas and research experiences. There are also ongoing collaborations in doctoral training with universities and centers such as the Department of Religious Studies in Bayda and the Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing.
The call for applications for three positions in the three-year course of specialization at Giuseppe Alberigo European School for Advanced Religious Studies closed on 31 May 2021.

Download the final evaluation here.

Download the call for applications here.

Download here the School’s regulations.

The School towards a Phd European cooperation

The Giuseppe Alberigo European School for Advanced Religious Studies, the Fachbereich Katholische Theologie of the Goethe-Universität (Frankfurt am Main), the Fakultät Theologie, K.U. Leuven (Leuven), the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris) agree upon the creation of a European Network of Higher Education Institutions promoting doctoral programs in the research areas of Religious Studies, namely History, Exegesis and Theology.
The European Network of Higher Education Institutions for Religious Studies is committed to creating special academic and cultural ties in order to promote internationalization, to increase the exchange of expertise, and to provide better learning and research opportunities for graduate students participating in high-quality doctoral programs in the fields of History, Exegesis and Theology.
In pursuit of its mission, the European Network of Higher Education Institutions for Religious Studies aims to:


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