Social media policy


Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII based in Via San Vitale 114 - 40125 Bologna, P.IVA 01837081205, email – with the aim of involving more people in communication activities - is present on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube for dissemination, information and commercial purposes, with the aim of informing and opening a dialogue with users regarding the main activities, projects, initiatives and events promoted by the Foundation. These may also include press releases and publications.

The Internal Social Media Policy, while respecting the person’s right to freedom of expression, provides the main norms of behavior that all Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII personnel are required to observe when using social media and posting content and comments, whether this is part of their work and occurs through a corporate account, or when through a personal account they speak directly or indirectly about their activity or role within the Foundation.


Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII uses websites and social technology platforms (hereafter Social Media) with a general interest in the purposes of communicating with users on the web, of giving access to services provided, and of promoting its educational activities and events. Webpages and other social media channels are, in addition, used by the proprietor to encourage participation, discussion, and dialogue with users with a view to transparency and sharing.

Management mode of corporate accounts

The management and organization is administered exclusively by Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII through specific directives and actionable instructions to personnel expressly assigned to this task, to the exclusion of individual initiatives by individual users or partners. Specific personnel regulate and administer all of the organization’s social media profiles, energize the institutional ones and coordinate the activation of profiles created for the purposes of internal management.

Production and publication of content

Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII promotes textual, photographic and video content on its social media channels, which must comply with the following criteria:

In addition, content related to information that enhances the Foundation's heritage is allowed. 

Time and manner of conversation

It is recommended that content regarding Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII be treated according to the manner of the social media platform being used (retweets, likes, etc.), and that a moderate and thoughtful participation in the social conversation is maintained. Any requests for information not pertinent to the message disseminated, or any reports and complaints, even if received through private messages conveyed through the messaging systems integrated in the various social networks, must be forwarded immediately to
Anyone who is in any capacity authorized to post on social networks should avoid quarrels and never respond to provocations.

Language and style

Language should conform to the style of the social used. As an example, remember that on LinkedIn, the language is more elaborate and institutional, while on Facebook the style is closer to public parlance, without foregoing the authority of the institution. The rules for writing on the website remain the same as those of any other text: write in correct Italian, write only certain and verified facts, do not disrespect people and/or companies (public or private), groups or categories of people and institutions. Finally, the rules of good manners should always be respected, especially on the web.

Use of personal accounts

The staff of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII with headquarters at Via San Vitale 114 - 40125 Bologna, VAT No. 01837081205, email are required to comply with certain rules of behavior in the configuration, use and management of their private accounts on social media aimed at ensuring the protection of the institution and the people who work there. Employees who choose to disclose their work activities are required to specify in their personal biographical information that the opinions expressed are of a personal nature and do not in any way engage the responsibility of the institution. Personnel may freely share on their private profiles the content disseminated by the social channels of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII with headquarters at Via San Vitale 114 - 40125 Bologna, P.IVA 01837081205, email, including information about services, initiatives, projects, videos, images and/or infographics. On the other hand, the dissemination on one’s private profile of content or of events of the Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII not previously reported on official social channels or in any case not present on its website or on another institutional reference site is to be avoided. At the same time, staff are required to maintain public behavior that is respectful of the organization at which they work.

Specifically, staff:

Violation of these rules of conduct is a source of disciplinary responsibility, ascertained at the outcome of the disciplinary procedure, in compliance with the principles of gradation and proportionality of penalty.
Employees authorized to use institutional social networks, who also have accounts of a personal type, are called to practice the utmost care in the use of social media profiles by adopting all necessary precautions, including technical ones, in order to avoid exchanging one profile for another while using the tools. Employees must ensure the protection of confidentiality and dignity of persons; consequently, they may not disclose or disseminate personal data (such as personal information, images, videos, sounds or voices) of colleagues and generally co-workers, except with their prior personal consent, and in any case may not post images, videos, sounds and voices recorded within the workplace to social media, except with the prior consent of the responsible supervisor.
The incorrect use of social channels, in fact, can also seriously damage the image and reputation of the Foundation and, consequently, of the professional figures who work there; the sharing of content in social media must always respect and guarantee the secrecy of information considered by the Foundation to be confidential and in general, by way of example – but not limited to – information concerning activities, accounting and financial data, projects, and proceedings carried out or in progress at the offices. In addition, all communication and disclosure of content must be made in full compliance with industrial property rights and copyrights, both of third parties and of the Foundation.

Therefore, the user, in his or her private communications, may not include the name and logo of the Foundation, nor may he or she publish drawings, models or anything else related to the aforementioned rights. 

Any exceptions to the above provisions may, moreover, take place only with the specific authorization of the proprietor.