Specialization course (FSCIRE/TUC)

Contexts, Sources and Critical-Historical Methods for the Research of Religion

In 2020, FSCIRE started a program in cooperation with the Tangaza University College (TUC) of Nairobi on interreligious dialogue and history of religions in East Africa.

The program consists of exchanges between the different universities, joint publications and the organization of an annual course on “Contexts, Sources and Critical-Historical Methods for The Research of Religion”. This online course aims at offering graduate African and European students the necessary tools and methodology to approach the study of religion from a historical-critical perspective, focusing on the Eastern African context.

Consistent with the goals and activities of FSCIRE, the course provides participants with crucial skills to interpret the historical-religious phenomena of the past and to understand the dynamics of the present with a view to foreseeable future developments. The lectures focus on the Eastern African context, its different religious traditions (Christianity, Islam, African Traditional Religion), and interreligious dialogue.
Specific relevant subjects will be analyzed in depth and from a comparative point of view (African-European). In addition, the course will foster knowledge about the religion of the others, challenging the existing preconceptions and negative stereotypes and stimulating curiosity through the exchange of ideas between East African and European students.
The lecturers involved are affiliated to FSCIRE, TUC, and other universities, both European and African.

Who can apply

Besides the students of the organizing and co-organizing institutions, the course is open to 30 graduate and post-graduate students enrolled in European universities.


2 hours per week from January to April




Free of charge

Title attainment

The title will be awarded according to active participation in the lectures and seminars planned for the program or proposed during the course. Certified participation in at least 75% of the lectures and seminars is required. 


Coordinator of Fscire cooperation with African partners
Ilaria Macconi

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