I diari di Papa Giovanni

Of no pope has there ever been anything like it: hundreds and hundreds of pages. They are the diaries and agendas that Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli began to write from adolescence to old age. A mountain of paper behind which there is a man, a Christian, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, elected Pope on 28 October 1958 and named John XXIII, who died on 3 June 1963. It is a very long diary that Angelino Roncalli kept from the beginning of the twentieth century as a priest, then as a bishop, as a patriarch, and finally as pope. The words written by Giuseppe Roncalli are used in this essay as a leading thread narrating his life, his idea of Church, his obedience to the Gospel, but also the twentieth century, his period in history. I diari di papa Giovanni, realized by Alberto Melloni, Federico Ruozzi and Fabio Nardelli, with the voice of David Sassoli, was broadcast on Rai 1 on 12 April 2009 within the Special Tg1 TV7.

Giovanni XXIII