Lorenzino don Milani

This is a documentary realized by Alberto Melloni in collaboration with Fabio Nardelli and Federico Ruozzi in 2007, under the patronage of the Tuscany Region. More than a simple documentary or commemorative reportage, it is a historical video story, a composition including images, newspapers, letters and music, with the associations that are created among these different expressive levels. The story, narrated by the television journalist David Maria Sassoli, was edited starting from the correspondence between the young Lorenzo Milani and his mother, the cultured and cosmopolitan Jewess, Alice Weiss, and develops into a choral narration in which the various testimonies, archive images, documents, photographs of a life – including some taken by a very young Oliviero Toscani – and the poems set to music by Fabrizio De André, the soundtrack of the entire work, come together. Lorenzino-don Milani was distributed in all the schools of the Tuscany Region and was aired on Raiuno on Sunday, 17 June 2007 within the Special Tg1 TV7, bearing the title Don Lorenzo Milani - la dura scuola dell'amore.