Digital humanities and religious studies

Digital Maktaba

The advent of the web and the need to manage multimedia content has imposed a series of new and urgent demands, bringing about changes in systems and procedures of sharing. This has taken place in an environment that in a relatively short time has had to face – and still faces – real paradigm changes not only from a technological perspective, but also in consideration of the social impact of the challenges posed by the global sharing of cultural heritage in supranational, multilingual and multi-alphabetical contexts. Digital Maktaba is a project dedicated to the cataloging of texts in non-Latin alphabets. This pilot project fits into this context. It stems from the need to establish cataloging procedures for the FSCIRE-Giorgio La Pira library in Palermo – significant parts of whose book collection consist in texts in non-Latin alphabets – and aims to become a marketable and exportable tool in a multitude of other contexts. The aim is to establish bibliographic descriptions based on parameters that may facilitate both the work of the catalogers as well as user research.

The project collaborates with the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo (Idéo).

Contributor: Riccardo Vigliermo.