REFORC – Reformation Research Consortium

Reformation Research Consortium

In February 2011 FSCIRE joined the foundation Refo500, an international platform for knowledge, expertise, ideas, products and events, specializing in the 500-year legacy of the Reformation.

In April of the same year FSCIRE became member of REFORC, a department of Refo500 Foundation that, as a consortium of global research on the Reformation, gathers universities, research institutions, companies, societies and individuals focusing on Early Modern Christianity in an international association. Early Modern here refers to the period between ca. 1400 and ca. 1700 in which Christianity is understood as the worldview permeating political, intellectual, cultural and social life in the Western world in its exchange and encounter with the Jewish and the Muslim worlds, as well as indigenous worldviews within its colonial expansion.

FSCIRE hosted two annual REFORC Conferences in Bologna, one in 2014 on Arts, Portraits and Representation in the Reformation Era and one in 2019 on War and Peace in 16th Century Religions.

Since 2019, FSCIRE hosts the Coram Deo Program.

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