Edition 2021-2022

When and where

Who can apply

The Master’s degree is addressed to a variety of people: students, graduates, PhD students, scholars, teachers and employees in the public or private sector interested in critically studying and improving their knowledge in the field of historical-religious sciences. Attending the Master’s Degree course will entitle teachers to official credit for having followed a refresher course,

Registration and admission

A maximum of 30 participants will be admitted to the Master’s program.

Application must be received electronically by 1 October 2021 at master@fscire.it.

Applicants are required to submit concurrently the following:

The Board of Directors of the Master’s program will meet in October and will select candidates on the basis of qualifications and educational and professional interests. Selected candidates will be invited by email to an oral interview for admission, which will be held between 14 and 15 October 2021, at 3:30 p.m., at the FSCIRE’s headquarters or electronically.

Download here the complete program.