Consistent with the aims and activities of FSCIRE, the M.A. aims to provide participants with the skills with which to interpret the historical-religious phenomena of the past and to understand the dynamics of the present, also with a view to foreseeable future developments. Participants in the course will be able to benefit from the vast archival and bibliographic patrimony of the Dossetti Library and to take advantage of participation in seminars and international conferences promoted by FSCIRE and by the European Academy of Religion, besides discussion with FSCIRE’s community of scholars and with those on the international research network to which it belongs.

Who can apply
The Master’s degree is addressed to a variety of people: students, graduates, PhD students, scholars, teachers and employees in the public or private sector interested in critically studying and improving their knowledge in the field of historical-religious sciences. Attending the Master’s Degree course will entitle teachers to official credit for having followed a refresher course, with the possibility to follow the entire course or select modules of 1, 2 or 4 weekends within the program.

FSCIRE, Bologna

11 weeks (lectures and seminars will be held at weekends)

Title attainment
The title will be awarded according to the presence and active participation in the lectures and seminars planned for the program or proposed during the course. Certified participation in at least 75% of the lectures and seminars is required. Selected reading material will also be periodically proposed, which will be the subject of written tests and discussion in seminar meetings, in order to verify and evaluate the knowledge acquired by each participant in relation to the achievement of the title.

Laura Righi and Maria Stella Grandi