FSCIRE, whose presidents were Giuseppe Dossetti, Beniamino Andreatta and Valerio Onida, is chaired today by Alessandro Pajno, who is responsible for legal representation and for every activity guaranteeing the smooth running of the Fondazione.

The current secretary, Alberto Melloni, succeeded Giuseppe Alberigo in 2007. The secretary is responsible for the scientific and administrative direction of FSCIRE’s activities.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, composed of internationally renowned scholars, supervises and evaluates the scientific activities of FSCIRE and is the jury that awards the Diploma di perfezionamento scientifico (equivalent to a PhD) to the students of the Giuseppe Alberigo European School for Advanced Religious Studies.
It is formed by:

The first Scientific Committee of FSCIRE was formed on 26 May 1974 by Jacques Dupont, Jean Gribomont, Georg Kretschmar, Paolo Prodi, Boris Ulianich and Giuseppe Alberigo. In the following years, the committee expanded with the addition of new members:

Board of Trustees

The Board’s members are:

Scientific quality assurance auditor

Board of Auditors

The board of auditors was first presided by Professor Romano Prodi, and its current members are: