Rules and regulations


In accordance with current regulations, and within the limits of the access norms established by FSCIRE, the archive is open for consultation by scholars who study and carry out research on themes inherent to the documentation preserved at FSCIRE.

Rules for access to the funds

Consultation of the inventoried funds is reserved to those who are conducting scientific research on themes inherent to the preserved documents and is subject to the presentation of a request ( specifying the research theme and the reasons for which access is desired.
Once access to the funds has been granted, the scholar agrees:

As a rule, the reproduction of archival material by photostatic or digital instruments is excluded. Should this be necessary, authorization must be obtained from the archive staff.
Some of the funds are subject to limitations of access or use in order to protect their integrity or to respect the wishes of those who deposited them, while remaining available to FSCIRE’s internal research staff and for purposes related to research projects in which FSCIRE is involved.
Failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned indications will result in the exclusion from consultation of all archival collections at FSCIRE.

Rules for access to the reference room

Scholars admitted to consultation must register at the library desk, exhibit an ID document, and sign the form for access to the archival funds provided by the archive staff. The form must indicate the scholars’ name and surname, contact details, the institution for which s/he is carrying out the research, the subject of the research, the archival funds and the relative archival units for which s/he is requesting consultation.
Backpacks, bags, briefcases, computer cases, cameras, cell phones and coats must be deposited at the entrance to the library. Only pencils and laptops may be taken into the reference room. The use of ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers, etc., is prohibited.
Smoking, food, beverages and animals (unless they are for disabled people) and any behavior that might disturb those present are not allowed in the reference room.
There is no maximum limit to the number of daily requests; the staff will evaluate the possibility of accessing documents depending on the number of files requested.
The documents must be treated with the utmost care: it is therefore forbidden to alter the order of the papers in the files, to write notes on the documents, even in pencil, or to place sheets and worksheets on them.
It is forbidden to transfer the material being consulted outside the study room; the archive staff will go to the table of the scholar who needs information. Documents under consultation may be left in storage.
The user may not use the archival material consulted for purposes not indicated in the request for authorization and in the access form and may not give it to others. Unauthorized use, in any form or manner, of archival and documentary material belonging to FSCIRE will result in exclusion from consultation of the funds.