Documents available

Giuseppe Alberigo fund. Alberigo-Jedin correspondence

Between 1954 and 1980, the church historian Hubert Jedin and Giuseppe Alberigo wrote 194 letters to each other. A copy of the entire correspondence is kept in the Alberigo fund. All letters are inventoried analytically and available for consultation.

Adelaide Coari fund

The fund consists mainly of correspondence, notebooks, notes and working materials that Adelaide Coari meticulously preserved during her life (1881-1966). The collection, of about 18,000 items – almost all of which unpublished – donated to FSCIRE by Monsignor Capovilla, was surveyed in 2013 as part of the census of women’s archives in the province of Bologna promoted by the Archival Superintendence of Emilia-Romagna. The survey list prepared by Alida Caramagno is available.

S. Zampa, Fonti per la storia della chiesa in Italia. Il fondo A. Coari, in «Cristianesimo nella storia» 4,1 (1983), pp. 173-203.

Il fondo Adelaide Coari presso la Fondazione per le scienzew religiose Giovanni XXIII di Bologna. Ricognizione, ed. by Alida Caramagno, Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo. Soprintendenza archivistica per l’Emilia-Romagna, 2013.

Alberto Altana fund

The Alberto Altana fund, handed over by the Servi della Chiesa (the family to which Don Altana belonged) to FSCIRE, contains documents concerning the life, production and commitments of this priest from Reggio Emilia (1921-1999). It consists of 76 folders that cover the chronological period of 1951-1997; the content is heterogeneous and varied: documents regarding secular institutes and the restoration of the permanent diaconate, correspondence, pamphlets, printed texts, material from the synod of Reggio Emilia in 1984, flyers, newspaper excerpts, manuscripts and drafts of speeches. The material is not inventoried.

Cronache sociali fund

The Cronache sociali fund was recovered in Rome in the mid-1970s from the attic of Portoghesi’s house. In this house, where the meetings of the editorial staff took place, the inspirer and collaborator of the journal, Giuseppe Dossetti, had enjoyed generous hospitality. The papers, pertaining to the years 1947-1952, had remained in Portoghesi’s house after the closure of the journal itself (1951). Along with them, there were also documents concerning other initiatives, such as Edizioni Servire and the association Civitas Humana. In addition, a considerable part of the Roman secretariat of MP Dossetti had also been preserved, especially that relating to the period of his vice-secretariat of Democrazia Cristiana (1945-1951). The fund consists of 3,673 pieces and has been completely cataloged.

Fondo “Cronache Sociali” 1947-1952, ed. M. Tancini, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2003.

Angelo Dell’Acqua fund

Angelo Dell'Acqua, priest, diplomat and cardinal, left his papers to the nuns in Sesto Callende. The fund, kept by FSCIRE, consists of one file, containing typewritten transcriptions of various types of correspondence between 1931 and 1973. The material is not inventoried.

Angelo Dell’Acqua. Prete, diplomatico e cardinale al cuore della politica vaticana (1903-1972), ed. A. Melloni, Bologna, 2004, Il Mulino.

Giuseppe Roncalli-John XXIII fund

The Roncalli-John XXIII fund is made up of various deposited papers, among which are those preserved at the Roman Postulation, at Msgr. Loris Capovilla in Camaitino and the documents from the research of individual scholars at FSCIRE. It consists of 244 folders and about 150 microfilms corresponding to about 9,000 frames. The writings of Roncalli-John XXIII now amount to 13,000 pieces plus the 28 volumes of the diaries. The availability of the texts written by Roncalli-John XXIII on computer support includes all the published writings and the diaries.

Edizione nazionale dei diari di A. G. Roncalli, ed. A. Melloni, 10 vols., Bologna, Istituto per le scienze religiose, 2003-2008.

Giuseppe Dossetti fund

The documentation relating to Giuseppe Dossetti, founder of the Istituto per le scienze religiose, is collected in a fund named after him. The original documents and their copies cover various aspects of Dossetti’s life from the 1930s to his death in 1996, with the exception of the papers concerning his participation in Vatican II, which are preserved in a separate fund dedicated to them. The material that Dossetti, personal theologian of Cardinal Lercaro and perito of the Council, deposited at the Istituto consists of 890 pieces pertaining to the years 1950-1987, numbered progressively and collected in 15 boxes. The para-conciliar activity, fruit of the work of the scholars who collaborated with the Istituto, produced a considerable number of documents, collected in a section of the fund that includes 200 pieces. The inventory is edited. Access to the fund is subject to specific authorization.

La documentazione bolognese per la Storia del Concilio Vaticano II. Inventario dei Fondi G. Lercaro e G. Dossetti, ed. L. Lazzaretti, Bologna,, 1995.

Giuseppe Lazzati fund

The fund consists of 40 microfilms reproducing the material contained in the Lazzati Archive, kept at the secular institute Cristo Re in Milan. The documents cover the life of Lazzati (1909-1986), director of the newspaper «L’Italia» and founder of the secular institute Milites Christi Regis, with some appendices up to the early 1990s. The fund is inventoried.

M. Malpensa, A. Parola, Lazzati.  Una sentinella nella notte (1909-1986), Bologna, Il Mulino, 2005.

Giacomo Lercaro fund

The Giacomo Lercaro fund, belonging to those of FSCIRE’s oldest possession, was created when the cardinal himself donated to what was then the Istituto per le scienze religiose the documentation regarding his participation in the Council. To this first nucleus of council papers (1,500 pieces chronologically ordered and collected in 36 folders), the Adnexa series was later added, which includes documents collected by FSCIRE scholars on specific aspects and moments in the life of the cardinal and other material contributed by private individuals.

The inventory of the collection is published. Access is subject to specific authorization.

The set of documents produced by Cardinal Lercaro in the course of his activity also includes materials concerning his episcopal assignments in Genoa, Ravenna and Bologna. After having been deposited at FSCIRE for inventory and research purposes, these materials are now preserved at the Fondazione Giacomo Lercaro in Villa San Giacomo.

La documentazione bolognese per la Storia del Concilio Vaticano II. Inventario dei fondi G. Lercaro e G. Dossetti, ed. by L. Lazzaretti, Bologna,, 1995.

Araldo del Vangelo. Studi sull’episcopato e sull’archivio di Giacomo Lercaro a Bologna, 1952-1968, ed. N. Buonasorte, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2004.

Pastoral letters fund

The fund contains copies of pastoral letters of Italian bishops from the end of the 19th century to the present time. The collection contains 130 folders and is complete for the dioceses of Lombardy, Emilia, Veneto and incomplete for the dioceses of Tuscany and Trentino. Many letters are also present in microfilm. The letters are inventoried and ordered topographically and chronologically.

Lettere pastorali dei vescovi del Veneto, ed. M. Malpensa, Genoa, Marietti, 2002.

Lettere pastorali dei vescovi dell’Emilia-Romagna, ed. by D. Menozzi, Genova, Marietti, 1996.

Lettere pastorali dei vescovi della Toscana, eds. B. Bocchini Camaniani, D. Menozzi, Genoa, Marietti, 1990.

Lorenzo Milani fund

The Lorenzo Milani fund is made up of Milani’s correspondence with his mother, Alice Weiss, and various other correspondents, as well as the contemporary collection of national press articles on the Tuscan priest. In the fund, which contains a total of 30 folders, are included some items that came to FSCIRE through subsequent donations: this is the case of the sub-funds Mario Cartoni and Neera Fallaci, deposited by Maurizio di Giacomo, and the sub-funds Luciano and Francesca Ichino. The fund is partly inventoried.

Lorenzo Milani, Alla mamma. Lettere (1943-1967), ed. G. Battelli, Genoa, Marietti, 1990.

J.L. Corzo, F. Ruozzi, Cronotassi degli scritti di don Milani, in «Cristianesimo nella storia» 33, 1 (2021), pp. 143-202.

Don Lorenzo Milani. Tutte le opere, publication directed by A. Melloni, eds. F. Ruozzi, A. Canfora, V. Oldano, S. Tanzarella, 2 vols., Milan, Mondadori, 2017.

Paul VI fund

The Paul VI fund consists of some excerpts from various places and occasions relating to Pope Montini. It consists of 9 microfilms, some of which are also available in print. Access to the material included in the fund is subject to specific authorization and is limited to the exclusive use for research on the history of Vatican II.

Vatican II fund

The fund for the history of Vatican II consists of about 230 folders of paper documents and about a hundred rolls of microfilmed documents. It was created around the Council documents that Dossetti and Lercaro deposited at the Istituto at the end of the 1970s and has been gradually enlarged thanks to donations from private and public institutions and to the work of researchers at the Institute committed to writing the history of Vatican II. The fund, partially inventoried, is arranged alphabetically in folders and files named after individual council fathers, periti and others involved in the work of the assembly.

Il concilio inedito. Fonti del Vaticano II, eds. M. Faggioli, G. Turbanti, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2002.

Giacomo Radini Tedeschi fund

The fund contains 7 folders of documents that belonged to Monsignor Radini Tedeschi, bishop of Bergamo from 1905 to 1914, and kept by Roncalli after his death. The material, dating back to the period 1880-1914, is presented in its original arrangement and is not inventoried.

Angelo Spadoni fund

The material, from a private donation, includes the notebooks of the mystic Zaira from Reggio Emilia, typewritten transcriptions of them and several boxes of correspondence with other mystics, for a total of 2 folders. The material is not inventoried.