SSHOC – Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud

In April 2021, FSCIRE joined the consortium of SSHOC - Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud, which is a project funded by the EU framework programme Horizon 2020 and unites 20 partner organizations and their 27 associates in developing the social sciences and humanities area of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

FSCIRE is particularly involved in WP9, dedicated to Data Communities, where it contributes, along with InfAI (The Institute for Applied Informatics association, Leipzig) and on behalf of RESILIENCE, to fill the gap in the ERA and SSHOC on Religious Studies. While SSHOC benefits from RESILIENCE design study, RESILIENCE benefits from joining SSHOC by comparing its own results with those of other disciplines to identify overlaps and differences, which is fundamental for RESILIENCE’s approach to the ESFRI 2021 roadmap in order to not duplicate RI components. Furthermore, there is a mutual benefit thanks to activities on material science. While SSHOC adds information on material science to the data description, RESILIENCE comes with a sophisticated pan-European Book Heritage Lab that makes the invasive and non-invasive analysis of physical heritage possible.

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