RESILIENCE – REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Innovation, Experts, conNections and Centres in Europe


FSCIRE is the initiator and leading institution of RESILIENCE an interdisciplinary and scientific research infrastructure for all Religious Studies which builds a high-performance platform, supplying tools and access to physical and digital data to scholars in all disciplines of the religious studies in their diachronic and synchronic variety.

On June 2021, the ESFRI Forum included RESILIENCE in the Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2021.

The RI addresses the need for a broader and more structured involvement of Pan-European excellent researchers, producing skills, new knowledge, a cutting-edge approach and a visible impact in terms of innovation in the scientific field of Religious Studies.

RESILIENCE supplies access to data and tools in learning about and understanding these data, thus it facilitates, invigorates and disseminates high-quality research concerning all religions throughout Europe and globally.

The RI is based on partners who have shared over a decade of effective collaboration, proving its capacity to achieve viable implementation.

Concerning the European level, the consortium partners are the promoters of:

The partners are also key players in the construction of the questionnaire submitted for the 2018 ESFRI Roadmap and of the Early Phase RESILIENCE (H2020 INFRADEV, 2019-2021), crucial milestones in the infrastructure implementation journey.

The consortium of partners establishing RESILIENCE is led by FSCIRE and composed of:

Francesca Cadeddu speaks about it here:

The INFRADEV Early Phase RESILIENCE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement No. 871127.

Press release, 2021.

Press release, 2020.

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